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Assar is working with Thomas & Piron and AG Real Estate to develop plot 120 Anfa El Beida on the site of the former Casablanca airport. Assar has designed a high quality architectural project in keeping with the environment and providing a complex of almost 250 new homes and shops.

The project is centred on two interior Andalusian gardens connected to the rest of the site by a wide walkway. Particular attention has been paid to the way the heights progress gradually along the length of the project, in harmony with the different types of public spaces, in order to create a coherent whole. It combines contemporary architecture with an echo of traditional design, offering view points in the form of vertical oases.

The call for tenders was launched almost 2 years ago by AUDA (Anfa Planning and Development Agency) and awarded to the AG Real Estate and Thomas & Piron consortium. Building permits should be introduced at the end of September 2014 and work is expected to begin in January 2015.

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