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Work on the extension of the functional rehabilitation centre at the Léonard de Vinci hospital was completed in April this year.

The major challenge in this project was the connexion between the existing single-storey building and the extension which will house gymnasiums with very high ceilings. A particular feature of this 4 250m² project is the development of a day centre where patients can relax in a separate area and rest between various examinations or treatment sessions spread throughout a day. The centre also has an above-ground glass swimming pool enabling the care staff to watch the patients from outside the water. One of the main concerns is to provide natural lighting to most of the rooms, while at the same time ensuring that patients cannot be seen from the outside. Visual artist Jean Glibert collaborated on this project to create a pleasant atmosphere using colour and light.

The construction work was split into multiple phases, some of the façades of the existing building were renovated, insulated and re-plastered. The modular construction of the new building had to overcome the major problem of the connexion to the existing structure without damaging the building, which remained in use throughout the duration of the works.

Work on the surroundings was also carried out in various phases in order to ensure a continuous access to the centre for walking patients, patients transported by ambulance, visitors, staff and deliveries.

The surroundings were extensively redesigned in order to create a new visitors’ car park, a drop off point for the minibuses transporting patients between the different ISPPC sites and a staff car park.