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Leuze – Inauguration on 20 May 2014

Leuze – Inauguration on 20 May 2014

The new prison at Leuze-en-Hainaut was inaugurated on 20 May in the presence of 500 guests.

Human beings and their environment are central to the development and implementation of this project. The prison complex has been designed on the basis of short, open traffic flows and distinct units. It has three cell wings leading off from a courtyard, and special attention has been paid to insulation of the walls and access to natural light. The prison also has a number of open spaces. One of them provides the prison staff with a high-quality recreation area and a second enables families and visitors to meet in a more pleasant environment. The concept is intended to enhance the life quality of all inmates, provide a pleasant working environment for the staff and reduce the environmental impact. The project includes numerous sustainable measures not only in terms of energy consumption, but also regarding materials, comfort, water use, waste prevention, etc. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum and the aim is for energy neutrality, while ensuring comfort for the detainees.