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Planning permission for the “New Erasme” was filed in November. This is a dual programme. On the one hand, creating nearly 90,000 m² of new infrastructures and, on the other hand, refurbishing part of the existing wings. The new building will link the existing hospital with the future Institut Jules Bordet via a “public road”. This road will give onto an esplanade open to the landscape of the protected site of the Vogelzang.

The design of the new hospitalisation tower responds to a large number of impositions. Its H-shaped structure arises from the decision to have four treatment units on each floor, to differentiate the circulation flows, to centralise all logistics on each floor, and finally, to distribute the maximum amount light into the entire premises, including the interior of the building via two patios each of 600 m2. This ensemble is located on a base intersected by gardens, which accommodates the logistics and medical-technical functions. The tower is conceived like a stone with its veins and inclusions. In order to realise this effect, a concept in architectonic concrete coloured through the mass will be constructed, producing a vibration of tones and renderings.