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Opening of CHIREC

Opening of CHIREC

Situated at the southern gateway to Brussels, at the end of the E411 motorway, the new CHIREC hospital was completed in December 2017. Covering an area of over 100,000m², the site is located between a boulevard and a railway line. A driving force for future development, the hospital will pave the way for the creation of a new district in an area that is currently cut off from the rest of the city. CHIREC entrusted this project to ASSAR-INGENIUM-GREISCH’s architecture and engineering team in 2009. The integrated nature of the team enabled very close collaboration between the architect, building services engineer and the structural engineer. Responsibility for budgetary control and planning also lay with the integrated project team. 
The hospital opened its doors on the weekend of 9-10 December 2017. It will be officially inaugurated in late January 2018.
Studies began in early 2010, and it took just eight years for them all to reach completion and for the new complex to become a reality. This extremely short timeframe – given the scale and complexity of the development plan – was made by possible by the proactive roles played by all the stakeholders.
Chirec’s teams worked hand in hand with the integrated project management team in developing the hospital design and the architectural and technical studies jointly and in parallel with each other. This approach, which involved contemplating every possibility and not ruling any option out until the end of the process phase, enabled the completion of the studies and realisation in shorter timeframes. 
The process of obtaining the building permits was made all the smoother thanks to fluid and constructive dialogue with the municipal and regional authorities. As for the construction work itself, it was completed in a mere four years, from the staking-out of the site through to completion of the 104,000m² facility and the arrival of the first patients.  
For more information on the project please refer to Chirec’s press releases. A more detailed press release will be provided by Assar Architects for the official opening in late January 2018.


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