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Training Revit

Training Revit

Assar has always been ahead of the game when it comes to using the latest design software, both in terms of the relevance of 3D used for many years now, and in terms of the performance of production methods. This has been possible thanks to a comprehensive understanding of the tools and software available, but also the performance and skills of the people using this software in our office.

Didier Hoffman, our CAD expert, has always been concerned with choosing the best software for 3D design, and fully understands the importance of advanced training for the individuals who use the software within the 3D team.

Assar has been using BIM for several years now, with Revit produced by Autodesk.

Getting to grips with this software has meant that Assar has been able to produce a Revit training course DVD with the online training company "Elephorm". 

This training includes three DVDs, each one tackling a specific theme, and together offering a clear, comprehensive overview of the software.

This training course is available via the following links:

For anybody who might be interested, Elephorm is the only company with the broadcasting rights to these DVDs, and they can only be purchased via the links above.