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Möbius Towers

Möbius Tower
Möbius Towers

Located along the main axis road of the Quartier Nord [North District] in Brussels, this project has two sister towers, (rather than twin towers), containing a surface area of 62,000 m². Their ground floors and first floors accommodate, in full transparency and directly linked to the public space, entrances, the entrance hall to a conference room, cafeterias, and function rooms. Pedestrians passing by these facades are sheltered from the draughts by as full, supple awning integrating the two towers in a single urban statement.

The volumetric subdivision has also enabled spaces to be designed that are of a hitherto unmatched flexibility, enabling a high degree of adaptability of configurations specific to each organisation.

This project therefore provides an urbanistically integrated architecture, which has a real sculptural elegance, creating a tool for optimal organisation and a very high level of comfort, as well as being optimal from an ecological point of view.

Offices buildings

Boulevard Albert II
1000 Bruxelles
In study
62 000 m2
Engineers: VK Group