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This project is part of the urban redevelopment managed by “PAP Grossfeld ZM Nord”. The vision behind the redevelopment is about creating a sustainable neighbourhood based on mobility plans, landscaped and natural areas, and a distribution of multiple functions in the new area. The plan also establishes a link between the city of Luxembourg and the initial “Cloche d’Or” development. The plan furthermore takes into account a mobility plan within the development and with links to the different roads leading to the site.

The goal of the new neighbouring development is to rebalance the different functions and to create a local living framework. This elevates the site from a mere working area to a city neighbourhood. We have incorporated this philosophy into our ideas for block B. In a way, our vision can be summed up by “DIVER-CITY”. We wholeheartedly believe in combining genres, in mixing everything up to generate a very human urban landscape.

The overall theme of the project is summed up in the term “DIVER-CITY”. In the centre of the project the public space, the volumes, the colour tones and plant life are inspired from Origami gardens.

All of the buildings, each with their own distinct personalities have something in common: an economic, multipurpose design of their building structure. This is visible in the prefabricated posts, beams and floors, with reduced implementation costs.



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Competition for the construction of a joint program of 65,000 sqm including a nursing home, a hotel and offices.

Boulevard Raiffeissen
LU 2220 Gasperich
Extensa Luxembourg
Retails and hotels & restaurants
66 106 m2
29 473 m2
95 579 m2