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This project is intended to reorganise the entirety of the Louis CATY site (EPICURA hospital network).  As space requirements have increased, it was necessary to design an extension that was substantiated by the creation of a new wing linked from the central hub of traffic flows. The existing floors, located either side of this hub, have been entirely re-worked. The architectural contribution was to create a base on 3 levels, and the upper levels stand back in relation to the existing façades. The ground floor receives the central reception hall which is clearly identifiable from the outside as it is surfaced with a dressing of red bricks. A basement area with a planted embankment extends the curved facade towards the hospital restaurant and individual wards, which thus have the benefit of direct natural light.

The ground floor houses the accident and emergency department and the upper levels are occupied by outpatients, traditional hospitalisation and intensive care.

Rue Louis Caty 136
7331 Baudour
Centre Hospitalier EPICURA
12 754 m2
Structural engineer : MATRICHE
Building services: IGRETEC