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New Erasme

This is a double programme. On the one hand it entails refurbishing the large cruciform tower, and on the other hand, it involves constructing new infrastructures. The new building will link the existing hospital with a “public street”. This street will give onto an esplanade which is open to the landscape of the Vogelzang protected site.

The design of the tower is in response to a large number of requirements. It H-form is derived directly from the decision to have four treatment units on each floor, or on in each foot of the H. This disposition is very favourable to the distribution of natural light inside the building due to the two patios open to the sky, each of 600 m2. This ensemble is located on a base intersected by gardens, which accommodates the logistics and medical-technical functions. The tower is conceived like a stone with its inclusions – its veins. In order to realise this effect, a concept in architectonic concrete coloured through the mass will be constructed, thereby enabling nuances of tones and renderings.

University general hospital with 858 beds. Refurbishment of existing facilities and medico-technical and logistics extensions in conjunction with the future Jules Bordet Institute.

Route de Lennik 808
1070 Brussels
Hôpital Erasme – Cliniques Universitaires de Bruxelles – Université Libre de Bruxelles
Health & Wellness
In study
154 500 m2
Architects: Temporary association ASSAR ARCHITECTS – VK Studio – Ma2
Town planner: AGORA
Structural engineer: SETESCO
Building services: GEI & EGIS