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Stade du Standard de Liège (Stade de Sclessin)

Stade du Standard de Liège (Stade de Sclessin)

The football stadium Stade de Sclessin, better known as the Stade du Standard de Liège is located in an industrial area that has marked the economy and history of the region but also of Belgium. The purpose of the reworking of the stadium is to increase its capacity to offer some 35,000 seats in the UEFA version. It should be noted, moreover, that 5% of the places in formula "Belgian championship" must be isolated to receive the supporters of the visiting team.

The creation of an Esplanade will allow to accommodate before or after the game the spectators, no longer on the public road as is the case today, but on a dedicated “rouche” area. The Esplanade will allow access to the stadium seating on the entire periphery and will also - apart from the national matches - to go around the infrastructure and reach its entrance to the stands, regardless of the zone through which we reached the stadium.
Six reception levels are planned inside the stadium; they are all accessible from the esplanade. From the 1-star welcome to the 6-star welcome, it will evolve crescendo starting with the Tribunes, the PC1, the PC2, the Business Seats, the Lodges and the VIP reception.

The reorganization of the Stade du Standard de Liège is especially an opportunity to create a dynamic multi-purpose ensemble. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Liège Verviers Namur having asked the Standard to build 6,000 m² of net rental office areas to replace and supplement the areas currently occupied along the platform 3, this building called "administrative" will offer in addition horeca spaces, commercial spaces (999 m²), a fan shop, a creche (400 m²), a playground (600 m²), a "laser game" area (2.000 m²), a wellness and health area (500 m²) and the creation of a museum will recall the rich history of the Standard and the place. A conference room that can be used as a press center will be a useful complement to the mixed complex that will become the new Stade du Standard de Liège.

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