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In order to group together the administrative functions of UCB, the Belgian pharmaceutical group had requirements relating mainly to considerations of communications, image and energy economy. The result was a majestic complex in the arc of a circle, of two buildings (UCB Headquarters and UCB Pharma), which are linked with a glazed bridge extending over a body of water. These buildings were designed to offer maximum comfort to their occupants. As well as the offices, they also contain a kitchen, a company restaurant and a fitness room giving onto a rounded terrace and the vast body of water. In a very classical style and simple in appearance, these two constructions do however include the most advanced air conditioning and energy distribution technologies. Among others, chilled ceilings incorporating the functions of cooling, accessibility and acoustic absorption, and a double skin acting as a thermal barrier, based on movements of air extracted from the offices.

Each entity includes an atrium forming the nerve centre for each building. That of the HQ building is surrounded by glazed meeting rooms, and accommodates a sculpture by the French artist Thierry Vidé, which amplifies the sense of space.

New headquarters and research centre.

Route de Lennik
1070 Brussels
Industry & Research
17 000 m2
8 000 m2
25 000 m2
Structural engineers: TRACTEBEL
Building services: TRACTEBEL
Règles d’Or de l’Urbanisme
Winner of an award.
Règles d’Or de l’Urbanisme
Gagnant d’un award.
Gouden Regels van de Stedenbouw
Goldene Regeln des Städtebaus
Winnaar van een award.
Gewinner eines Awards.
RICS Award
Winner of an award in the “Energy” category.
RICS Award
Gagnant d'un award dans la catégorie "Energie".
RICS Award
RICS Award
Winnaar van een award in de categorie "Energie".
Gewinner eines Awards in der Kategorie "Energie".