clinique CHC MontLégia

how a "medical street" enables a mother & child unit to be situated alongside a medical-technical service to increase efficiency and seamless care

This new building, with a surface area of approximately 113.000m², will be built on the “Patience et Beaujonc” site in Glain in the district of Liège. It combines the hospital activities of three hospitals at the Centre Hospitalier Chrétien on one site, namely the Clinique Saint-Joseph, the Clinique Saint-Vincent de Rocourt and the Clinique de l’Espérance de Montegnée.

The CHC had two key priorities that shaped the way the new site would be organised: distinguish the mother and child department from general hospital services, and make sure that hospital care would live alongside the medical and technical departments. To fulfil these requirements as effectively as possible, the concept put forward celebrated this juxtaposition. In other words, the wings housing the adult units and the units and services associated with mothers and children were separated and positioned along another block containing the medical and technical departments.

Thanks to this arrangement, we could create a “medical street” joining the treatment units and the medical and technical departments. The different hospital traffic could therefore be separated very clearly.

As well as this, the plot also provides an opportunity to develop a business park (using the “Croissant d’Or” area) and create an eco-village (350 homes in the area below the hospital and 133 homes on the Place des Marronniers).

The sites are directly linked to the motorway thanks to the creation of a bridge and new entrance and exit roads.

programnew hospital comprising 764 in-patient beds and 155 day-care places, the complex bring three existing hospitals together on one site
clientclinique CHC MontLégia
addressboulevard Patience et Beaujonc, Liège Belgium
building typecare • heal
expertisesarchitecturebuilding auditb.i.m
size113.000 m²
teamarchitects: assar architects in collaboration with Artau
structural engineer: Greisch
building services: Tractebel Engineering