architecture, necessarily inclusive

Architecture is not just about creating value in property.
The quality of the living experience must also be taken into account!

Architecture starts from a sensitive approach to build cities, accommodate lives and functions and translate cultures.


recent projects

the green arch belgian pavilion Dubai

october 2021

Green Arch Pavillon Dubai - Front

clinique CHC MontLégia


the Wings



Reflecting the aspirations of society, while giving its users a platform, a voice.
Expressing their perceptions, while allowing people to identify both with its form
and content.

Architecture devises concepts, in step with technological advancements.
Promoting respect for natural resources, while tackling the ecological challenges
we face. Showing creativity and audacity, on the symbolic level.

architecture is necessarily inclusive, because it provides
the state set and context for every stage of our lives



the wings

om te lezen in Bouwen aan Vlaanderen 2-2022


le 10×6 Architecture: Passion du 19 avril 2022.

à voir et à écouter dans la vidéo qui suit