CHU Angers: a hospital that fully embraces nature

In the October 2023 edition of “Bouwen aan de Zorg” magazine, assar & SABH presented an innovative hospital design for the Convergences project, showcasing a deep integration of nature’s healing elements. Despite not being selected, their proposal for the University Hospital (CHU) of Angers reflects a forward-thinking approach that prioritizes user well-being & environmental sustainability.


The project’s first phase, scheduled from 2025 to 2029, includes constructing a 35,000 m² building housing critical healthcare facilities. By reimagining historical gardens as connecting spaces between buildings, the architects crafted a serene environment conducive to healing & relaxation. Their design underscores scalability, modularity & eco-responsibility, aiming to create spaces that maximize daylight & greenery while minimizing maintenance costs. Although their proposal wasn’t chosen, assar & SABH remain committed to future healthcare projects characterized by light-filled, healthy environments that balance human comfort with operational efficiency.