les midis de l'archi

assar announces the relaunch of its internal conferences titled “les midis de l’archi,” primarily focusing on environmental issues, material recycling, their lifecycle, and the exploration of construction methods aligned with sustainable values.


Here is an overview of the first three editions:


  • The first conference took place in May and featured Natura Mater, who shared their expertise on bio-sourced materials. It was an introductory seminar discussing the foundations of sustainable materials, as well as the reasons and methods for choosing them.
  • The second edition welcomed Matriciel, who addressed the theme of zero-emission buildings, raising questions about the reality of this approach or the possible presence of deceptive practices (greenwashing).
  • Finally, VM Building Solutions participated in the third edition in June, discussing metal roof coatings and showcasing their flagship products, namely zinc and EPDM.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the external speakers, Natura Mater, Matriciel, and VM Building Solutions, for their insightful presentations during these initial editions of “les midis de l’archi”. Their expertise and commitment to sustainable practices have contributed to the success of these conferences!


After the summer break, “les midis de l’archi” will return with a new series of conferences addressing other environmental topics of interest.

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