midis de l'archi 2023: navigating green architecture trends

assar is delighted to share the success of the latest editions of les midis de l’archi in 2023, as we continue to explore and champion sustainable practices in architecture. These monthly internal conferences serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, bringing in external experts to delve into the intricacies of green architecture & sustainable construction methods.


We extend our gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the 2023 editions & we eagerly anticipate sharing the upcoming 2024 schedule, promising even more captivating conferences on sustainable architecture!

September edition embracing circular concrete with Buildwise

In September, Buildwise took the stage, enlightening us on the concept of circular concrete. Acknowledging the significant environmental impact of concrete globally, Buildwise addressed issues such as the consumption of natural raw materials & CO2 emissions. With a focus on the substantial production volumes, Buildwise offered insights into how adopting circular practices can mitigate these impacts.

October edition resilience of cities: Sensbox explores future housing

October brought us a thought-provoking session by Sensbox, exploring the resilience of cities & the future of housing. Sensbox emphasized the multiple negative effects of human activities & highlighted the construction sector as a key player in this process. By shedding light on how the construction industry can become a positive force, the session encouraged a reevaluation of our approaches to urban development.

November edition the GRO: Matriciel‘s tool for sustainable project measurement

Matriciel took the stage in November to introduce the GRO, an innovative tool originally developed by Flanders to measure & track the sustainability levels of projects. The session provided valuable insights into how this tool can be utilized to enhance the sustainability of architectural projects, fostering a more responsible & conscientious approach to construction.

December edition • Rotor advocates material reuse practices in Belgian construction

Wrapping up the year, Rotor enlightened us in December on the adoption of material reuse practices in Belgian construction. Rotor specializes in interior fittings & assists stakeholders in extracting & integrating reused materials into their projects. The session provided a comprehensive understanding of the benefits & practicalities of incorporating reused materials, contributing to a more circular & sustainable construction industry.

Thank you to Buildwise, Sensbox, Matriciel, & Rotor for their valuable contributions to the success of the 2023 editions of les midis de l’archi ! We look forward to a promising 2024, filled with more insightful conferences that propel us further into the realm of sustainable architecture. Stay tuned for the upcoming schedule & let’s continue building a future where architecture & sustainability go hand in hand!

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