Amblève A&B

when 2 residential buildings revitalise an urban site

amblève a&b
amblève a&b
project characteristics

Ilot Amblève A&B is a housing development implemented as a continuation of the rehabilitation of the Amblève block in Auderghem (Brussels).  It formed part of the intention to enhance the architectural value of the site, which was made up of a heterogeneous group of low-quality dwellings, abandoned tertiary buildings and commercial spaces that were difficult to develop. The dismantling of the existing constructions, combined with a decontamination plan, made it possible to restore a quality space with green areas in continuity with the neighbouring parks and protected from the noise pollution of the nearby Wavre road.



amblève a&b
programconstruction of two residential buildings comprising a total of 40 residential units & a basement car park.
clientVOP sa
addressPlace de l'Amitié 7-8 • 1160 Bruxelles
building typelive
expertisesarchitecturelandscape designproject managementconstruction managementhealth & safety coordination
size4.889 m²
team• architect: assar
• structural engineering: IRS
• fluid engineering: IRS
• landscape design: assar
• contractor: VOP sa
amblève a&b

The construction of the two residential buildings, which meet low-energy standards, integrates the different dimensions of the site.
Particular attention has been paid to this integration, which is based on 3 factors:

  • a dimensioning of the volumes
  • the development of a site plan in keeping with the environment of the block
  • a homogenisation of the materials and image of the different buildings

Building “A” is in keeping with the volumes adjacent to the Place de l’Amitié and consists of 11 one- and two-bedroom residential units.

Building “B” inside the block consists of 22 residential units, divided into studios and one- to three-bedroom apartments. The complex is connected by a shared car park.

amblève a&b

A green space (open ground) enables a spatial connection with the neighbouring rear garden of Brustar Auderloft. In this way a larger green ensemble has been created, offering green views in an urban setting.




amblève a&b

aerial view

amblève a&b