Aile 1000

how to make the administrative heart of a hospital beat to the rhythm of its three levels and its atrium

aile 1000
aile 1000
programpassive office building serving as an administrative extension to the Saint Pierre clinic
clientCSPO (Clinique Saint-Pierre d’Ottignies)
addressavenue Reine Fabiola 11-13, 1340 Ottignies, Belgium
building typework
expertisesarchitecturelandscape designurban design & planningproject managementconstruction managementprogramming
size4.230 m²
teamclient: CSPO (Clinique Saint-Pierre d'Ottignies)
architect: assar architects
structural engineering: MC carré
special techniques engineer: MK engineering
aile 1000

The Aile 1000 is part of the improvement process ofthe Saint Pierre clinic,  which is currently experiencing a need for space.

The new building has an original layout and triangular shape, meeting very clear objectives:

• integration into a residential district with small building
• the wing is presented as the emblematic front projection of the hospital

• the building is architecturally autonomous & has an independent entrance:
– hence 2 entrances: the Saint-Pierre entrance, which provides a concise visual link with the hospital for the staff
– the Fabiola entrance, which is the official address of the building for external visitors


AILE 1000

The decision to build a new administrative building enabled us to propose a model of workstations that meets current expectations and is based mainly on two objectives:
• creating user-friendly spaces, by designing comfortable areas such as the atrium, coffee corners, and other terraces, in a positive atmosphere bathed in natural light
• the integration of environmental objectives
– to provide a passive energy building (consumption < 15 kWh/m²/year for heating), made possible by highly efficient insulation, airtightness, and solar protection
– prioritising the use of sustainable materials (e.g., aluminium frames, wood, but a small amount of aluminium, as it requires grey energy during production and recycling)
– to provide healthy and safer materials (e.g., linoleum
on the floor, presence of wood, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content, etc.)
– copious natural light & light colours

aile 1000
aile 1000

recycled porcelain stoneware, linoleum, bamboo flooring, wood, glass
energy management
A passive office building was achieved through
the implementation of various innovative solutions:
• double flow ventilation with heat recovery (heating/cooling)
• solar input energy management
• solar panels
• high efficiency heating/cooling production
• night-coolin
• high efficiency lighting with daylight-dependent dimming & presence detection

energy performance & certification
category: passive system: K14 | < 15 kWh/yr./m²

aile 1000

level 0                                                                                                                                   level +1

aile 1000
aile 1000

basement level                                                                                                                   roof level


aile 1000
aile 1000