AZ Monica

Over the years, AZ Monica had acquired several buildings in the area to ensure future expansion opportunities.Both the urban fabric and the inner workings of AZ Monica suffered from this sprawl.
To protect the environment from further fragmentation and to meet the needs of the hospital's expansion, ASSAR was asked to develop an extension that would include MRI, Radiology, Orthopedic Services, an exercise clinic, gynecology center, cardiology and pathology consultations.
168 extra beds will be built on the higher floors (+2,+3,+4).

programMasterplan for the entire hospital site including the build of a policlinic in 2005, followed by a series of internal renovations, and currently building the extention with 168 beds.
clientAZ Monica
addressFlorent Pauwelslei 1 - 2100 deurne
building typeheal
statusunder construction
expertisesarchitectureb.i.minterior architecture
size11500 m²

Main Entrance Hall

The new reception desk has been positioned in such a way that it is visible from every approach, whether you took the elevator (underground parkinglot) or the main entrance.
The walnut sheeting creates a durable, high-quality first impression.
The orange room dividers are upholstered with artificial leather to improve the acoustics and give a soft, a reassuring impression.


The new and improved cardiology department consists of a few warm, reassuring consultation rooms on one hand and a few practical and sleek staff rooms on the other hand. The custom furniture catches the eye by reoccuring strong blue finishing material.

Cardio Lounge

This new and improved waiting area offers an original alternative to a hospital bed for patients waiting or recovering from a short cardiac procedure.

The patient can take a seat in one of the electrically adjustable reclining seats. A charging point and reading light supports any desired form of relaxation. A locker next to each seat provides a safe space for personal belongings while being informed, consulted, assisted or simply grabbing a drink.

The dressing rooms act as a discrete access to the examination room and vice versa.

The whole concept is intended to be a soft, comforting, warming space, with an emphasis on user comfort and privacy. The use of soft colors, indirect lighting and warm woods contribute to the soft and reassuring atmosphere.


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Childbirth is a life-changing event for women and families. ASSAR assisted AZ Monica in transforming the (sometimes traumatic) experience into an active, clear and positive memory.

Research comparing the home birth with the delivery in a conventional hospital has shown that women in conventional hospitals experienced the environment in a passive way. The woman was immediately treated as a patient, replacing the warm welcome with a guilt equivalent to that of a sick or injured person. In a homely birth environment, on the other hand, the women no longer felt like visitors to the hospital, but owners of the room.

The key elements for the design of the new living room in AZ Monica, which resulted from our internal research team, included privacy, light, colour, acoustics, amenities and personalization.


The interior had to be serene and calming. The design contained a number of technical challenges such as the inevitable connection between the separation chamber and the cold store. A large foil of a dandelion losing its seeds covers the heavy door with a symbolic farewell sign.


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