Bavière, lot D

when an old hospital site enables the construction of accommodation & services for a new ultra-urban district



project characteristics

The Bavaria site refers to the “lieu-dit”/locality known as the “triangle de Bavière” [“Bavaria triangle”]. It is located less than 1.5 km from the city centre and Place Saint-Lambert. This triangle is the object of an overall redevelopment project supported by both public operators (the City of Liège, the Province of Liège), and a private operator (Bavière Développement SA).

The Master Plan is structured around three blocks (F-G, A-C and D-E) located at the corners of the triangle de Bavière, and a central composition made up of two architectural objects: the Province “Pôle des Savoirs” (B) and the sports centre (C) located to the north of the Rue Schwann axis.

programconstruction of a group of residential buildings (149 units), a professional activity, crèche, four shops & business activity spaces
clientBavière développement (UrbaLiège, Thomas & Piron + BPI)
addressquai de la Dérivation • rue des Bonnes Villes • rue des Prés Saint-Denis • 4000 Liège
building typelive
statusunder construction
size17.992 m² (above ground) & 6.660 m² (underground)
team• client: Bavière développement (UrbaLiège, Thomas & Piron & BPI)
• businesses: association BPC Liège, Galère, T&P bâtiment
• stability engineer - fluids & HQE: Lemaire design office
• acoustic design office: Venac
• technical inspection service: Seco
• surveyor: HVS & partenaires
• health & safety co-ordinator: PS2 Sixco
lot D

Lot D is part of the D-E block. It contains housing, shops, and a crèche. A province high school is located in lot E. The project in question here falls within this perimeter of the block.

The reference scale is that of G+5. This is a scale that is in line with the average scale of the neighbourhood. This gives the buildings an initial reading of the volumes on a human scale, and allows for controlled densification in relation to the public space.

The surrounding urban landscape, particularly along the Quai de la Dérivation, is characterised by a succession of high points. Two prominent buildings complete the composition of this block. The building at the corner of Quai de la Dérivation and Rue des Bonnes-Villes (building D2_B) is an opportunity to establish a landmark for the Bavière site. It is strategically positioned as an extension of the Bressoux bridge. It consists of a white volume in the foreground.

This has a slender form that provides a certain verticality in relation to the more horizontal composition of the rest of the block.

Another architectural accent is located on the corner formed by the Rue des Bonnes Villes and the extension of the Rue Schwann (here called “Schwann Alley”).
The composition is more organic and results from this articulation. This is a punctuation that contributes to the definition of a varied skyline within the block.


Lot D is part of this requirement for accessible and attractive housing. The block consists of 5 buildings of different typologies and architectural expressions:

  • building D1: 17 residential units & 1 professional activity
  • building D2: 54 residential units & 1 shop
  • building D3: 18 l residential units & 1 crèche
  • building D4: 25 residential units & 1 shop
  • building D5: 35 loft residential units, their communal areas & 1 shop
particular attributes of lot D
  • privileged location: on the edge of the quay, setback of 3 m, open space & natural sunlight
  • accessibility & soft mobility
  • focus on public leisure & socialising activities
  • view of the river & the surrounding areas
  • new road development undertaken by the City
  • part of a mixed development
  • wide variety of housing types: studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed & lofts.
energy performance & certification

• coefficients: Ew 65


standard floor plan

bavière lot d
baviere lot d
bavière lot d
bavière lot d
bavière lot d