CHU Angers Convergences 1

a hospital complex that emphasizes the values related to well-being & “living together”

a contextualized & therapeutic landscape ambiance

The project embodies a strong concept: to provide a robust green environment, a genuine landscaped garden that asserts the unity and cohesion of the developed hospital complex while emphasizing values related to well-being and “living together.” The landscaped features surrounding the new building take the form of linear and regular spaces, creating a harmonious environment where architectural forms seamlessly blend with natural elements. The aesthetics and geometry connect with the botanical garden, harmonizing the existing surroundings with the new hospital pavilion. The vegetation appears as fragments of nature, instilling a sense of visual well-being for patients, visitors, and staff.


programconstruction of a trauma center & a day surgery unit
clientCHU Angers
addressrue Larrey 4 • 49933 Angers • Cedex 9
building typecare
expertisesarchitectureinterior architecturebimlandscape designurban design & planningproject managementconstruction management
size35.746 m² (SU) • 39.215 m² (SDO)
team• client: CHU Angers
• associate architect: SABH
• construction cost estimation: Overdrive
• structural engineering: BG
• fluid engineering: Projex
• technical engineering: Projex
• landscape designer: assar architects
two sequences address the urban aspect in relation to the historical context

On one hand, it underscores the presence of outpatient reception to the north, aligning with the historical axis of the university hospital (CHU) and its chapel for functional clarity at the site scale. In a logic of symmetry, the building’s placement initiates a formal echo with the North Hotel-Dieu and a centrally accessible hall from north to south.

On the other hand, the southern Urgent Care forecourt composes an urban and landscaped sequence to provide a welcoming, accessible, and open façade for the hospital, connecting with the city. The architecture of Convergences 1 imparts a new identity to the southern side of the CHU, serving as a building that bridges the existing structures, establishing a harmonious principle within its context and for the Convergence 2 project.