emergency services at SC Mulhouse

bringing together sensitive sectors: emergency & critical care at the Mulhouse South Alsace Hospital Group (GHR)

project characteristics

The construction and rehabilitation project for the new emergency department and critical care units at the Mulhouse South Alsace Hospital Group (GHR) addresses several challenges:


  • bringing together various sensitive services
  • consolidating at the same elevation
  • unifying within a modern & future-proof framework

This project is primarily an extension of the hospital, bringing together emergency services, intensive care, and resuscitation units. It is accompanied by the rehabilitation and restructuring of the UHCD service in the existing facility.

programconstruction & rehabilitation of the new Emergency Department & Critical Care Units at the Mulhouse south Alsace Hospital Group (GHR)
clientMulhouse South Alsace Hospital Group (GHR)
address20 avenue du docteur René Laennec • 68100 Mulhouse
building typecare • heal
expertisesarchitectureinterior architecturelandscape design
size12.500 sqm (SDO)
team• project owner: GHR Mulhouse South Alsace
• architect: assar architects
• TCE engineering: Berim
• environmental engineering: AGI 2D
• acoustic consultant: Delhom
• acousticien : Delhom

Despite the site constraints imposed by the functional context of the existing building and the helipad platform, whose takeoff cone needs to be preserved, the project’s form and placement have successfully requalified the entrance to the emergency department, reorganized access flows in this part of the university hospital, and provided an identity to this extension.

The functional organization allows for efficient connections with the relevant services in the existing structure: imaging/operating rooms/public reception hall, with vertical cores placed as close as possible to these services.

Our ambition has been to provide the best response to the requirements defined by the program, bringing in our experience, expertise, and analytical mindset.

We have focused on providing Henri Muller Hospital with an efficient tool to meet all challenges that may arise, offering a flexible and scalable system that will adapt to future needs (such as pandemic periods or the need for expansion) and will also benefit from valuable input from users during the study phases.

It is through its ability to be embraced by hospital staff that this tool will find its full strength and meaning–enabling excellence in the quality of care, the well-being of caregivers, and the comfort of all users.


• reinforced concrete post-beam-slab structure
• timber framework
• enamelled terracotta cladding & roofing with extruded patterns
• aluminum curtain wall with capo closures, glazed panels, or shadow-box panels