new Erasme

how the architectural reflection paved the way for care services, teaching areas & research zones to be integrated in one single-site university hospital


project characteristics

Renovation and extension of a university hospitalhis is a dual programme: on the one hand reconditioning an original hospital dating from the 1970’s, and on the other, constructing new infrastructures. Within the plans, the new building will be functionally connected to the existing hospital and with the new Jules Bordet Institute (Cancer centre) by a ‘public street’. This street will lead onto an esplanade which opens out onto the landscape of the ‘Vogelzang’ protected nature site.

The new extension has been designed to respond to several imperatives.  Its ‘H’ shape results directly from the desire to install four care units per floor, namely one in each branch. This configuration encourages the distribution of natural light to the interior of the building thanks to two open air patios of 600 m2 each.

The whole o the complex is positioned on a compact podium unit, criss-crossed by gardens, in which is housed the logistics functions. This podium unit has been designed in the image of a block of stone with its composite parts, its veins, its reflections. In order to achieve this impression, the use of pre-coloured architectonic concrete elements has been scheduled, enabling nuances of colour and effects o be observed.

programrenovation & extension of a university hospital
clientErasme hospital, Brussels university clinics, Brussels free university
addressroute de Lennik 808 • 1070 Brussels
building typeheal
statusunder construction
size154.500 m²
team• architects: temporary association assar architects - VK Studio - Ma2
• urban planning: Agora
• structural engineers: Setesco
• buildings services: GEI & Egis