Parc residence

the Parc Residence, embodying the values of the contemporary world: inclusive, ecological & connected while keeping humanity at its core

project characteristics

The Parc Group is a private, family-owned, and independent healthcare institution. Located in Saint-Ouen-L’Aumône facing Parc Le Nôtre, the group aims to construct a third building complementing the Parc Clinic: a day hospital and conventional hospitalization for medicine, psychiatry, follow-up care, as well as palliative care, and the Maison du Parc: a 85-bed nursing home.

The Parc Residence is a senior living program that seeks to align with the group’s values: dignity and respect, safety, and comfort. This construction will bring a renewal infused with innovation, setting a benchmark for the level of comfort to be achieved for all existing buildings that need maintenance and adaptation.


program44 housing units T2, T3 & common areas
clientParc Group
address23 rue des frères Capucins • 95310 Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône
building typecare • heal
expertisesarchitectureinterior architecturelandscape design
size3.400 m²
team• client: Parc Group
• contractor: upcoming consultation
• architect: assar architects
• structural engineer: upcoming consultation

Situated on a plot between the city and the park, most apartments are located on the park side, while a portion faces the city. Special attention is given to the standard and quality of views offered from each private terrace. In the heart of the block, a central wing houses the balneotherapy, restaurant, and fitness spaces. Bridges connect these three wings and also link the Residence to the Maison du Parc. On the ground floor, reception areas and local services make the transition to the outside. A lateral traversing alley ensures the porosity of the site. Landscaped open spaces enhance, filter, and protect these living areas.

The architecture harmonizes with its environment, offering a palette of materials and colors that match the existing light tones, bringing light and a sense of softness, creating a friendly, reassuring, and comforting atmosphere.

In addition to the proposed architectural and interior design qualities, this project includes a virtuous and environmentally respectful design. Wood, one of the main low-carbon materials, is extensively used in this construction. It is found in the building’s structure, in facades composed of prefabricated panels with wooden frames and wooden joinery, in interior acoustic cladding, and furniture. Moreover, the choice of off-site construction and the integration of the circular economy concept complete the eco-construction approach accompanying this project.

The Parc Residence embodies the values of the contemporary world: inclusive, ecological, and connected while keeping humanity at its core.