how the modulation of load-bearing facades in architectural concrete opens up the interior spaces of an office building

project characteristics

The Prism office building was built at the “Cloche D’or” site on a triangular plot of land. It follows the shape of the site and also has a triangular shape with prominent corners. The façades – modulated in 135 cm increments – are load-bearing and consist – in the solid parts – of architectural concrete slats enhanced by anodised aluminium frames. As well as their aesthetic dimension, the architectural elements also provide solar protection by creating a play of shadows.

In addition, the load-bearing nature of the façades, combined with their particular modulation, liberates large interior surface areas conducive to a very flexible organisation of work spaces. Structured on 6 levels (ground floor + 4/-1), the building has a usable surface area of 4.780 sqm.  These spaces are distributed and leased in modules ranging from 370 to 1.050 sqm.

On all floors, there is flexible space for open-plan offices, partitioned offices, meeting rooms, kitchenettes, and relaxation areas. The top floor – also set back – has a terrace at the rear of the building. The entrance to the building is set back and a water feature accompanies visitors towards  the lobby.

programconstruction of a "Breeam Excellent" office building in La Cloche d'Or in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
addressroute d’Esch, 404 • 1471 Luxembourg
building typework
expertisesarchitecturebimlandscape designproject managementurban design & planningconstruction managementhealth & safety coordinationprogramming
size4.780 sqm
team• architect : assar
• special techniques engineer: CES
• stability engineer: Lux CEC
• contractor: Thomas & Piron bau
energy performance & certification

certification: this building is designed to achieve a “BREEAM Excellent” certificate & meets current energy criteria