sas Osny

accompanying a liberation is first of all building the place for it

project characteristics

The development of the project is in response to both the generic SAS rehabilitation programmes (Structures d’Accompagnement vers la Sortie) and to the specific programmes, requiring in particular the following specific additional premises:

  • reception for families integrated into the enclosure and adjoining the modified forecourt,
  • the professional training room and workshop store for the integration platform,
  • the mixed storage premises for the services to individuals entity.


programcompetitive tender: constructions of a new Structure d'Accompagnement vers la Sortie (SAS) [prisoner rehabilitation centre] 180 places
clientAPIJ (Agence Publique pour l'Immobilier de la Justice)
address 95520 Osny • France
building typeprotect
size6.800 m²
team• design architects: assar & VGA
• contractor: Legendre
• building services: Oteis
• acoustics study: Avel
• bet hqe: Eodd
• kitchen designer: Arwytec
• signage: Atelier 59

Each accommodation unit is treated as a triplex residence, with an entrance at courtyard level. On the same level there is the room for persons with reduced mobility and the unit’s shared spaces. The 2 levels above the ground floor house 29 rooms, including double rooms. This vertical configuration makes reference to the “household” concept, and confers a domestic scale upon each unit. The passageways are short, and routes to the shared spaces provide quick access, via each unit’s internal dedicated stairway.

Regarding the structure of the plan, we propose a grid based on a main unitary passageway, which acts as a veritable spine for the establishment and an orthogonal weft of buildings connected to this internal street. Each building is constructed on the North-South axis and has an East and West orientation. This arrangement enables the spaces to have the benefit of a high quality of illumination.