Sint Antonius

During the search for expanding the daycare center "Het Prinsesje" in 2016, the nearby residential care center was being renovated by assar, allowing the offices of the care home to be repurposed & the daycare center to be expanded within its current location




programrepurposing of offices to day care centre
clientAmate NPO
addressSint-Antoniusstraat 19 • 2000 Antwerpen
building typecare • learn
size220 m²
team• architect: assar
• structural engineer: Fraeye en Partners
• building services: Botec
• safety coordination: Bovex
• general contractor: Alibo
project characteristics

Both playrooms are positioned behind the facades to receive a maximum amount of vitamin D and maximize the usable space in between by sharing the central nursing station. The carestation has an overview of both playrooms and uses a custom made room divider towards the entrance hall, using personalized pass-through cabinets for each child, to facilitate the exchange of personal belongings at all times.

The spatial concept is based on an open-plan experience at eye level for the toddlers. The height of a counter or cupboard often restricts the children’s view. Playful circular openings increase the understanding of what is happening outside the nursery and help the children understand where the parents go after saying goodbye.

The same playful shapes reoccur in the custom-made furniture: the shapes invite you to curl up with a book or enhance your toy story fantasies. In addition to the connection to the nursery next door, a kitchen has been set up in between both buildings. This way assar’s thoughtful layout has turned the limited space into a real advantage.