the First

when circularity, carbon neutrality and mixity redevelop an office building into a model of excellence

Renovation and redevelopment of an office building located in the heart of the European district (Square Orban).

This innovative to totally reposition the building as ‘top of the range’, responds to the current evolution in working methods and to environmental demands.

Its BREEAM Very Good certification is based on four major elements:

  • circular construction;
  • responsible approach;
  • positive energy production building;
  • use of solar energy.

In parallel with all this, the programme is characterised by a mix of functions and fits in with a desire for re-stimulating the public area through the installation of a ‘horeca’ unit.

programrenovation and redevelopment of an office building
addresssquare Orban, rue de la Science 37, 1040 Brussels Belgium
building typework
statusunder construction
size8.554 m²
teamproject manager: Eaglestone
architects: assar architects