the First

when circularity, carbon neutrality and mixity redevelop an office building into a model of excellence

Located in the heart of the European quarter, on the famous Orban Square and its park, The First is the obvious redevelopment project choice for a prestigious office building.
The First offers a mix of functions, since, in addition to 7.445 m² of offices, the renovated building offers space for the provision of services in 870 m², and accommodates a 239 m² horeca space, which benefits from a superb, landscaped terrace that contributes to the animation of the administrative district.

programrenovation & re-development of an office building located at the heart of the European Quarter
clientThe First sa (Union Investment Real Estate)
addresssquare Orban, rue de la Science 37, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
building typework
statusunder construction
expertisesarchitectureinterior architecturelandscape design
size8.554 m²
teamdeveloper: Eaglestone
architect: assar architects
business concern: Valens
engineers (TS/STAB): CSD engineering
breeam: B4fs
inspection body: Seco
acoustics engineer: Venac
health & safety consulting: Coseas

Originally with 6 floor levels (G+5), The First now has 8 floor levels (G+7) as the building has the benefit of a two-storey elevation in a mixed structure of wood, metal, and concrete. This exceptional crowning feature is enhanced by a green terrace running along the building’s facades, while intensive green roofs have also been installed. The basement provides 50 parking spaces for cars, and 49 bicycle spaces.

With a complete repositioning programme, The First responds to the evolution of current working practices, and to the highest environmental standards: BREEAM Excellent, and PEB A+ certification.
Its BREEAM Excellent certification is based on 6 major points:

  • circular construction
  • responsible approach
  • a positive energy production building
  • use of solar energy
  • management and processing of rainwater
  • biodiversity

In addition, green electricity is produced by the photovoltaic facades and roof, while the heat from the Verizon datacenter, an occupant of the building, is recovered to heat the rest of the building.

Choice of materials
The project aims to use innovative materials that are environmentally friendly and blend seamlessly into the urban environment. Each material was also selected to make the project nuanced, and above all unique.





the first