how luminous architecture relied on the performance levels of technology to create an exemplary ‘Net Zero Energy’ office building that is certified BREEAM ‘Excellent’


The building is structured around an atrium which begins at ground floor level with a patio which opens onto the city walls and develops a magnificent interior area at the fifth floor which overlooks the historic centre of Brussels. This area, a prolongation of the atrium, opens out onto an exterior terrace.

The principal specificity of this project is without doubt the fact that highlights the first city walls of Brussels, dating from the 14th century.

The office building is structured around an asymmetric atrium which opens out at the first basement level onto the patio and city walls and at the fifth floor gives a magnificent view over the historic centre of Brussels. It also provides natural light throughout the whole of the building.

The objective was to create a building whose outer shell, equipment and finishing respond to the criteria for a Zero Energy building with BREEAM ‘Excellent’ certification.

To achieve these objectives, the architects conceived a compact building set around an asymmetric atrium. Being compact in this way enabled the remains of the original city walls of Brussels, dating from the 14th century, to be rendered visible. This approach fits in with the heritage policy of the City which is aiming to make sections of this wall still in existence visible to the public.


programrenovation of an office building with a net zero energy and BREEAM excellent goal.
clientAxa Real Estate Managers Belgium
addressplace de Louvain 4/10 & rue Treurenberg 16/28, 1000 Brussels Belgium
building typework
size12.130 m²
teamarchitect: assar architects
general contracor: Democo
stability engineer: Setesco
building services: VK engineering